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Becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Hawaiʻi

9 Nov 2019 10:36 PM | Deleted user

It’s all here: Requirements & Instructions – Marriage and Family Therapist License

All Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in Hawaiʻi have:

  • A graduate degree in Counseling Psychology / MFT track, or a closely related field
  • Practicum and post-master’s direct therapy experience and supervision hours
  • Taken and passed the MFT National Examination

How do I earn my degree?
We are fortunate to have Chaminade University that offers the only classroom-based MFT-track program that will qualify your for licensure as an MFT in Hawai'i. There are a few online or hybrid programs available, however, if you choose to attend one of these programs BE SURE it is accredited (e.g., COAMFTE, WASC,  or similar) and includes all of the requisite classes for a Hawaiʻi MFT license.

Who supervises my intern hours?
You will need minimums of 300 hours of verified practicum experience and 1000 hours of post-master’s direct supervised experience with 200 hours of clinical supervision from a qualified supervisor. Be certain your supervisor(s) meet the qualifications outlined in the application information, which includes a minimum of two years of licensure in good standing.

I have my degree and hours, so how do I apply for the Hawaiʻi MFT license?
In order to apply for a license to practice marriage and family therapy in Hawaiʻi, you must submit documentation verifying your accredited degree, with proof of minimum levels of graduate-level studies in specific courses related to marriage and family therapy, along with practicum and intern hours verifications. All these forms are in the Requirements and Instructions.

Then there’s a national exam?
After your application is approved, you will be mailed instructions regarding registering to take the National Marriage and Family Therapy (NMFT) exam. You are encouraged by the PVL to be mindful of exam dates and deadlines; for more information on the exam visit

What if I already have my MFT license in another state?
If you are Licensed MFT in another state and are a Clinical member of the AAMFT, you will not need to submit the above documentation when you provide an original letter from AAMFT verifying your Clinical member status. Note that you must remain a Clinical member of AAMFT until you receive your Hawaiʻi license. You also must have taken and passed the national exam instructions on either taking the exam or having your passing score recognized are on the application form. Of course, you also are encouraged to join and participate in Hawaii’s own MFT organization: HIAMFT. See details for joining on this website!

That’s it?
All licenses must be renewed every three years, and licensees must have completed 45 hours of continuing education, including 6 hours of Law and Ethics to renew.

What law governs the MFT license in Hawaiʻi .

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